2019 Rodeo Registrations Now Available!

Hello Rodeo Participants, Vendors, Sponsors, And Volunteers!

Today, the registration forms for this year’s Rodeo are officially available! A few items have changed for this year that we would like to make everyone aware of…

For 2019, All Rodeo Participant Registrations will be processed electronically via this web site. Mail-In registrations will not be accepted this year since the process has become increasingly difficult to manage

For 2019, Vendors and Judges will still have the option to register electronically, or via Mail-In form. Based on utilization, we may choose to modify the options for 2020

Beginning in 2020, Each Journeyman Team will be required to provide a Judge to help with scoring competitions. Team Registrations (in 2020) will not be accepted without a Judge identified. Any team arriving to the event without a Judge will receive a penalty to their score. Details of this policy will be included in the 2020 Registration Information Package.
This policy will not be enforced for the 2019 Rodeo.

Thank you and see you in July!

Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo Committee

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General Registration Page
Vendor Registration Page

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Hello Rodeo Friends, Families, Sponsors, Vendors, and Participants! Beginning today, our web site is now setup to allow people to subscribe to our News Updates! Please feel free to sign up today using the below form.

See you in July!

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2018 Rodeo Donations to the Oregon Burn Center

On January 9th 2019, donations were delivered to the Oregon Burn Center from both the Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo and from IBEW 125!
Big thank you to all of the 2018 Participants, Vendors, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Donations! We could not have accomplished this without your ongoing support!