Considerations for the 2020 Rodeo and COVID-19

Good afternoon,

I hope you all are well and safe and working through this terrible situation as best as you can. We, the Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo committee are still hopeful that our event will take place as normally scheduled, on July 25th 2020. We are still planning and coordinating the event in hopes that, by this summer, travel restrictions will be lifted and it will be safe to travel & get together once again.

Registration is ”online only” starting this year but, I encourage people to hold off until late June/ early July before submitting your registration when we know if things are a go or not. At this time there is no tentative back up date or location. I feel if the rodeo gets postponed in July, then it will be postponed until next year. When more information is available I will share it.

Be safe, once again I wish you all well in this trying time and hope to see you soon.

Rodeo Chairman,

Joel M Wallace