2021 Donation Results

Good day,

Before discussing our plans for the 2022 Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo, we wanted to take a moment to thank all our generous donors for their support last year!

Through the wonderful donations from major sponsors (Altec, Clark County PUD, Lewis County PUD, Local 77, Local 125, Local 659, Makita Tools, Milwaukee Tools, Pacific Power, and PGE), and through the support of everyone who purchased merchandise, raffle tickets, or simply donated, the rodeo was able to donate $50,000 to the Oregon Burn Center directly supporting the Voucher Program, Kids Camp, and Peer Support programs!!

Without everyones help, we would not have been able to accomplish this. Thank you one and all!

Regarding the 2022 rodeo, the committee has decided to move forward with planning and will be opening registration for the event in the very near future. Please watch our website for more information to come soon. We look forward to hosting an amazing event this year, and cant wait to see everyone again!

Once again, I thank you all and none of this can happen without your generous support.

Be safe

Joel Wallace
Rodeo Chairman

The 2021 PNW Lineman Rodeo has been canceled

Good day,

The committee board members met this week, and reviewed all the different aspects of the situation at hand. While we recognize that COVID restrictions are beginning to be lifted throughout the country, individual states, organizations, and business are approaching the situation each at their own pace. At this time, there are simply too many variable factors involved for us to confidently move forward with the 2021 Rodeo and ensure a successful event with the limited time remaining.

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2020 Rodeo Update

Good day,

Unfortunately the lineman rodeo was cancelled this year but, I do have some good news. With the support and donations that have come in we, the Pacific Northwest lineman rodeo committee have been able to donate $40,000 to the Oregon Burn Center and their voucher program. This is only made possible by your support, the donations made by Portland General Electric, PacifiCorp and Clark County PUD. I thank all of the local 125, 659 and 77 members who have volunteered their time and money to support our cause.

We are conducting one more raffle fundraiser this year. Drawing will be held December 11th. Need not be present to win. There are many prizes from a Honda generator, 5 different RTIC coolers, various battery operated tools donated by Milwaukee and Makita. Several tramp/tool bags and backpacks donated by Jelco and DragonWear. Hoffman boots donated by Hoffman. Various FR clothing with the help from Lakeland FR and many more prizes added daily. Please contact your local committee representative for ticket purchase. Cost is $5.00 per or 5 for $20.

Once again, I thank you all and none of this can happen without your generous support.

Be safe

Joel Wallace
Rodeo Chairman

Considerations for the 2020 Rodeo and COVID-19

Good afternoon,

I hope you all are well and safe and working through this terrible situation as best as you can. We, the Pacific Northwest Lineman Rodeo committee are still hopeful that our event will take place as normally scheduled, on July 25th 2020. We are still planning and coordinating the event in hopes that, by this summer, travel restrictions will be lifted and it will be safe to travel & get together once again.

Registration is ”online only” starting this year but, I encourage people to hold off until late June/ early July before submitting your registration when we know if things are a go or not. At this time there is no tentative back up date or location. I feel if the rodeo gets postponed in July, then it will be postponed until next year. When more information is available I will share it.

Be safe, once again I wish you all well in this trying time and hope to see you soon.

Rodeo Chairman,

Joel M Wallace

Breaking News From Our Sponsors

Breaking News

  • Jelco will be awarding $500 worth of gear to the Top Journeyman Team
  • Carhart will be awarding sweatshirts to the second-place team
  • Tyndale will be awarding sweatshirts to the third-place team
  • Tyndale will also be awarding T-shirts to the top three apprentice
  • Tyndale also has Graciously donated a Green Mountain Grill along with a visa gift card to give away

2019 Rodeo Raffle Tickets Are Now Available!

Hello All,

The Rodeo Committee would like to share with you the exciting items we have up for Raffle this year. As in past years, we will have two sets of raffles; a $20 per Ticket Raffle, and a $1 per ticket Raffle. You may choose to participate in either or both raffles! If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please  contact any member of the Rodeo Committee for assistance!

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